rookie authentic sportswear


Important information for preparation and data processing.

We work only on PC systems. Please pay attention to compatibility of data created on McIntosch platforms.

Products such as jerseys, mini dresses, printed scarfs, flags etc. all into the category Print materials. For these products it is necessary to have (or create) a print pattern.

Color modus.

When creating the pattern, please work with color modus CMYK (not RGB).

Colour values can also be given in the colour system PANTONE (which is the key type of the vector graphics colour table for printed products).

Bitmap pictures and photographs.

Please, send us bitmap files (photos, scans, pictures, photos from digital cameas) in formats .tif, .eps, .psd. Save them uncompressed. Each other processing in a compressed form leads to loss of quality.

Send the .jpg format only in case of emergency. We have the right to decline an ofer in case of a non-quality data in .jpg format. The decision is made by our graphics.

Please, send the data in scale 1:1 and in resolution min. 300 DPI.

Vector graphics

We work in Corel 11. Please, send us the .cdr format in max. 11th version (other formats only after a consultation). Texts shall be transformed into curves. Feel free to contact us, our graphics will answer your questions concerning this issue.